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Welcome to the 2015 Global Leadership Forum

In response to our clients’ needs, Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuk LLP has streamlined and upgraded our successful China Best Ideas Conference to provide a more exclusive and focused program in 2015. This elite one-day event will directly address the needs of Chairmen, CEOs, and CFOs of Chinese companies on the topics that have the greatest potential impact on the future of your enterprise. And it will enable you to hold highly focused, confidential meetings with senior decision makers, all in one place.

In 2015, China’s engagement with the global capital markets is in a state of flux. Last year, Alibaba stunned the world with the largest ever global IPO raising $25 billion on the NYSE. Many experts thought a new flood of Chinese listings would ride Alibaba’s magic carpet into a U.S. listing.

Instead, only a handful of management teams have seized that prize in 2015, while an even larger number of Chinese companies that are already public in America have announced their intent to go private and attempt to re-list in China, where valuations have been skyrocketing on the domestic markets. Meanwhile, the Chinese government is in the process of rewriting laws that could make it impossible for many IT, Internet, and media companies to remain listed overseas in their current form.

As China makes U.S. listings more difficult for its prized tech companies, the government is also trying to make China’s domestic capital markets more attractive and accessible to overseas investors. With over $16 trillion in non-financial corporate debt outstanding, China will need to attract inflows of capital to stabilize and deleverage stressed balance sheets.

At the same time, many leading Chinese companies are becoming more bold in executing “go out” strategies to make acquisitions, venture investments, and partnering agreements to transition into true global competitors.

This is a more exciting and bewildering time than ever for the leadership of ambitious Chinese enterprises.

  • Which listing venue fits your strategic needs?
  • How can you attract foreign capital, whether listed at home or abroad?
  • How to best plan and execute overseas expansion?

Come hear the unvarnished truth, consult with the finest experts in their fields, and exchange ideas with your peers in an atmosphere of openness and luxury. If you only attend one event this year, make it the Global Leadership Forum.

Panel Discussions

IPO War Stories

Alibaba shook the world with its record-setting $25 billion IPO on the New York Stock Exchange in 2014. In 2015, a select number of Chinese issuers have overcome investor hesitations to ring the IPO opening bell in New York. Learn from the top management teams what went right, what went wrong, and what they would do differently.
Delist, Relist, or Stay the Course

A number of high profile overseas-listed Chinese companies have announced plans to delist from the U.S. markets in order to capture the stratospheric valuations currently seen on China’s domestic exchanges. The Chinese government is considering changes that would pull the plug on structures used by the majority of technology and media companies to list overseas. Is the era of overseas IPOs drawing to a close? How long until China’s stock market bubble bursts? How to choose the right strategic direction?
Short Sellers: Behind the Veil

Short sellers decimated the value of many U.S.-listed Chinese companies with damning research reports. While they are seen as predators by many management teams, others have argued that they serve a useful function by purging the markets of fraud. This riveting session will allow you to penetrate this high-stakes, secretive investing strategy with some of the most famous and infamous practitioners of all.
The Great Opening Up

Opening of China’s domestic capital markets to foreign investment is a key aspect of the Chinese government’s strategy to make Shanghai into a financial center rivaling New York and London. With many trillions of dollars of corporate debt outstanding and the balance sheets of many State Owned Enterprises under stress, China needs to attract outside capital. What will it take to make overseas institutions put more money to work? How can companies best attract domestic and foreign capital flows?
Develop a “Go Out” Strategy

Overseas acquisitions can be an effective means to open up new markets, access foreign technology, and acquire critical assets. Learn from insiders behind famous deals why outbound M&A activity is increasingly favored by Chinese companies and the secrets to successfully integrating overseas operations and talent.
Comback Stories

What to do if a public company due to disappointing financials or loss of investor confidence? Learn how to position your company for a capital markets comeback by upgrading your listing, validating your business model, and strengthening your management team and key advisors.


Global Leadership Forum
  • An elite gathering of the top leaders of public companies and private companies preparing to go public.

  • Learn about strategies to access capital, accelerate growth, enter new markets, and overcome

  • Network with your peers and meet with leading investors and capital markets advisors in a relaxed and luxurious setting.

Who Should Attend

Those CEOs and CFOs of companies that are:

  • Seeking to increase capital markets access

  • Planning for a IPO in the near future

  • Choosing where to get listed

  • Considering uplist or relist

  • Contemplating overseas expansion plan

Recent News

August 13, 2015
MarcumBP Announces Speakers for Global Leadership Forum

June 30, 2015
MarcumBP Announces Global Leadership Forum at Aman Resort at Summer Palace in Beijing on August 27th, 2015

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